Strategic Product Management Course

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The Strategic Product Management Course: From Good to Great produced by Products That Count, one of the largest networks of product managers in the world, is a unique way to learn and master the art of product management based on the best practices shared by hundreds of C/VP-level executives from Amazon, Zoom, Slack and more. This training takes a more strategic approach with a focus on the key questions Product Managers should answer. Follow along in a helpful workbook as the training takes you through three classes, each containing three modules, which are followed by key takeaways and a quiz. Plus, participate in AMA sessions with Facebook fmr product exec, lecturer on product at Stanford and Columbia b-schools, and Products That Count founder, SC Moatti, to stay current once you’ve completed the training!


Strategic Product Management Course: From Good to Great

Congratulations on committing to great product management. You’ll going to walk away knowing what ma...